Comments About the Book:

“... a fascinating and well-written glimpse into colonial Africa, a good mix of history, romance and adventure.” Barbara Esstman, Night Ride Home (Harper Collins), ABC Movie Special, and the 200th Hallmark Hall of Fame by Hallmark Productions.

“The Iron Snake is an example of what hard work, extensive travel, determination and talent can achieve.” Alexander McCall Smith, bestselling author of the Botswana Mma Ramotswe series: No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, 2004 Author of the Year, Great Britain.

“John Gaudet shows his first-hand knowledge and deep affection for Africa in the lives he creates.”  Mary Kay Zuravleff, The Bowl Is Already Broken (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), Politics and Prose Bestseller List, Wash. D.C.

"He draws some memorable the tradition of Edgar Rice Borroughs or Rider Haggard. His Kenya is a wild and beautiful country on the brink of momentous events...would make an excellent film ...” E. Weatherwax, April 2007.  The Iconoclast and New English Review.

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